Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More of my work in action!!

Homemade Cards

Recycled Floral Design

I made this arrangement for my mother-in-law but started with a new approach. I want to see what I could come up with using mostly reused materials.

I started out with a card board box and cut it down to size. Then I covered it in some saved tissue paper and sprayed the whole thing with gold and glitter spray paint. Then I used paper flowers and brads to decorate the outside of the box.

Next I took 4 differed sized mason jars and fit them in the box. I surrounded them with tiny rocks to make sure they were a tight fit and then I placed different mixtures of gems and rocks in each jar filled to different levels.

I went through my collection of silk flowers and made a different arrangement for each jar. I tied each arrangement with twine and then arranged them in their jars so that there was a layering effect in the lengths and so they gathered like one individual arrangement.

Lastly I took some fun blue floral gems and spread then throughout the arrangement!!

I had a lot of fun with this piece and was very pleased with how it turned out!! Great for me, so was my mother-in-law and the person she gave it to!